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To shape a space where a team, inspired by life, can fulfil their dreams and create the future

We are proud of being professionals in solving our clients' problems. We strive to protect the client from any operational issues and allow him to focus on his core business. We serve each client in the most suitable business model.

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How big is ITL.TEAM now?

We have on board 120+ engineers. However, our team is constantly growing, new clients and new projects attract new talent. Our HR team is constantly works in order to keep an uninterrupted recruitment of new team mates.

What`s the pricing of your services?

ITL.Team services pricing is simple and predictable, but flexible at the same time. Our clients have access to all consultants’ rates and other expenses, we are fully accountable for all financial information. The price includes employee rate, special requirements (Social Insurance, taxes, etc. if needed). What ITL.Team charges is a service fee only for the services we provide.

Can my ITL.Team consultants come to my site?

We support communication between our clients and their consultants and knowledge transfer in any possible way. Our engineers can travel to meet clients in person, work on-client-site to sync efforts with the client’s in-house teams. We also will be happy to see our clients in our offices to work together with their teams.

Can I interview a consultant myself?

Yes, our recruitment process can be built accordingly with client request. We carefully study the client's requests and offer clients the most efficient process that suits them.

How do I communicate with my team?

Our company adapts to client methods of communication. Teammates are always in touch with the client on a regular basis. If you want, an experienced project manager can be the link between you and your team as the main contact person so that the transfer of information and communication will be more effective. We pay special attention to informal communication, and we always recommend such events as trips to client site and personal meetings.

How do you provide security? How can I know my IP is protected?

Our priority is the complete safety of our client! Each employee of the company signs a non-disclosure agreement, when applying for a job. You can be confident in people with whom you cooperate and exchange information. You are in full control of all project activities – the information is open and transparent. We take all technical as well as legal measures to ensure data security, prevent unauthorized access or data loss.

What areas do you specialize in?

We solve technology challenges and fulfill technology expertise needs by means of providing cohesive engineering teams to work independently or to complement our client’s in-house development capacities. Our strongest in-house areas of expertise are VR/AR, mobile/web products development, Big Data, FinTech and complicated web-platforms development.

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